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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Twelve Weeks ago today Zachary joined our family

Twelve weeks old and growing so fast!  He has the cutest facial expressions. He is even started to articulate noises when you talk to him.  Zachary loves to STARE at the camera on my iPhone.
We love our Saturdays because we get to watch the little man.  Fun, FUN!!
Happy 12 Weeks, Zachary!!!
We love you, Grandma & Papa!   XOXO

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Zachary is 11 Weeks old!!!

Time is just flying by!!  Zachary is just amazing. He has so many facial expressions and noises. He makes the cutest humming-type noise when he is eating. I could listen to those gurgles all day long.

Christina (my beautiful daughter-in-law) and I are teaching ourselves and Zachary American Sign Language (ASL). I  found a great app on my iPad that helps me learn, practice and then assess myself on the signs.  I LOVE it!!! 

Every other Saturday, John and I take Mr. Zachary to the Farmer's Market at Wiregrass Mall. We walk up and down the aisle, have lunch, and buy fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, we run into several friends. Zachary loves being outdoors. We love our Saturdays with Zachary!!!  

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time moves so slowly!

Today, John and I happened to walk into the nursery (ex-home office) within seconds of each other. As we stood there looking around the (very cutely decorated) room, I couldn't help thinking that the time was moving so slowly.  We are so excited about becoming grandparents!  The room, which as been ready for several months, represents our thoughts and dreams of all the fun we will have in the future with baby Zachary.
I can picture the many activities that will take place in there when Zachary comes to visit us...
--I can see little Zachary squirming like crazy on the changing table, not wanting his diaper changed.  Hoping we remember to use the peepee teepees so we don't a face full of tinkle.
--I can hear him making lots of baby babble as he wakes up from a nap or as he gets older standing up in the crib hollering, "grandma!  papa!.
--Sitting on the floor playing with blocks, reading books, or singing silly songs.

As Zachary is nestled so nicely in his mommy's tummy, we can continue to dream about all the fun we will have.  Those that are already grandparents know that it is even more fun than we can imagine!!!

Time may appear to be moving slowly now, but I know that once he is born...time will fly!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Facebook Faux Pas...

Today in my inbox, I received a copy of Grand magazine. Inside was an article about Facebook Faux Pas. It is about how grandparents can make some big mistakes on Facebook. 

One such error is over commenting.  Unfortunately, I probably break that rule with our kids, especially our youngest, ALexis.  Since she still lives at home, I frequently comment on her posts.  I guess I will have to refrain from doing it too much.

The virtual smooch is another faux pas. Seriously, I can't believe a virtual kiss or hug can be a problem.  I feel you can never give your kids or grandkids too many XOXOXOs. The magazine's tip is to reread everything you write and when in doubt, don't post. I will be sure to keep that in mind.

Finally, the embarrassing moment might go viral.  This faux pas is one I already know about one. No details...I can't repeat that error again!!  I have learned my lesson the hard way and I won't make that mistake again.

Facebook will be a great place to share special moments and photos, but I will certainly need to control myself in order to keep good relationships with all of my family members.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Books, Books, Books

I am addicted to books!!!  If there is a book sale, yard sale, or book give away, I am there.  I have spent way too much money on books for baby Zachary already and he is still three months away from being born.  I believe that you can NEVER have too many books.  Before learning about Zachary, I was always buying picture books for "school" or at least that is what I always said.  In truth, I was always buying them for when we had grandbabies.  Purchasing for the future:)  SURE...  After learning about Zarchary, I have purchased many. many board books. 
I have board books on colors, numbers, animals, and alphabet just to name a few.  Oh yea, I also have books about trains, shapes, and smells.  Some of my favorite titles are Ten Shiny Snails; All kinds of Kisses; Kiss the Boo-Boo; Good Night Maine; You are my Sunshine; and Who loves you baby?

I even found some books that we used to read to Alexis when she was little.  Alexis did let me know that Zachary couldn't have the books, but I could read them to him.  She loved these books: Ernie's Bath Book, I'm a Little Teapot (Zachary may not like that one very much); Dress-Up Time; I love you, sun, I love you, Moon, and her favorite- Garden.

I also have a bunch of collections books: Friendly Stories; Bedtime STories; Sleepy Stories; Fairy tales; Curious George; and Poems.

I don't want to forget about the MONKEY Books. The theme for the grandbaby room in our house in MONKEYS, I have purchased several monkey books, too.  Titles such as: Hello Monkey; Five Silly Monkeys; The Great Monkey Race; Five Little Monkeys; and Naughty Little Monkeys (I am sure Zachary will love that book!).

Books-Books- Books....I love Books!!!!

Happy Reading!!!